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Spare parts

Constantly growing up spare parts and accessories demand is inspired us to create PROFFShop, online store where you can choose and buy any spare parts and accessories delivered around of Russia and choose any payment method to pay for.

About us

  • Service Center

    Pioneer Service is almost large appliances and digital electronics service center of North-West region of Russia focused on handling and repairing of refrigerators, deep freezes, wine cases, washing and drying machines, dishwashers, kitchen exhausts, gas and electric heaters, induction heaters, microwave ovens, personal computers, TVs, laptops, tablet computers, smartphones, mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, bread machines, multipots, double boilers, crock-pots, food processors, meat grinders, mixers, blenders, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, conditioners, fans and other household and digital equipment.

Corporate department

  • We are offer to sign a contract for equipment service handling or spare parts supply. We are supplying spare parts around any region of Russia by any convinient logistical company for you. It is possible to get wholesale discount for orders starts from 5 single kind items or 10 any kind items of parts. To contact us about contract, please email: partnership@pioneer-service.ru. Spare parts sale is carried by manufacturers or it's offices directly. For fast, spare parts sale is carried without contract, but if is neccesary it is possible to sign a once- or long-term contract for spare parts supply.

Service engineer call

  • Our service engineer can come out to you

    When you have no possibility to bring your equipment to our office, our service engineer can come to you. All you need is call to us or leave order at our web site commented most detailed information. After your order was accepted and confirmed, our service engineers will quickly come out to you. Contact us, you can be sure: we will perform the work quickly, fairly and qualitatively.


The Service Center you chose has authorisations of the following manufacturers:


Our offices are located at largest cities of North-West region of Russia: Saint-Petersburg, Velikiy Novgorod, Murmansk, Vologda, Petrozavodsk, Cherepovets, Novosibirsk. This means you can take household appliances and digital electronics service assistance of any manufacturers in every city listed below. We have all original spare parts and high-skilled service engineers able to solve any malfunction as soon as possible.

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You can list all latest news about our company we published. Find out first about all changes and innovations. We publish important announcements, as well as inform you about the events taking place in our company. If you need more detailed information about repair and maintenance of your equipment, you have the opportunity to list themselves in this section.

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